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How to Change your Tank Water without harming your Betta Fish

Just because your tank looks clean doesn’t mean the water is healthy. High ammonia and nitrate levels caused by waste aren’t visible but can seriously stress out your Betta. Keeping healthy water conditions in your Betta’s tank is THE most important thing you can do to provide

What to feed your Betta that they will love!

Here’s some great tips on what and how often to feed your Betta Fish to keep them happy and healthy: For a daily diet try tropical fish flakes or pellets according to the directions on the package. Some people don’t like to feed pellets as they can

Can your Betta Fish have a tank mate?

Hopefully your Betta Fish is well adjusted to its new environment in the tank. Perhaps your Betta is looking a bit lonely and you were thinking it may need some company? Today we’ll learn a few things you need to know about your Betta before adding any ‘friends’

How to acclimate your Betta Fish to its new tank

In the last Betta Answers lesson you discovered how to properly transport your Betta Fish home from the pet store. Today you will discover how to properly acclimate your Betta Fish to its new tank. Now some of you may already have brought your Betta home from