How to acclimate your Betta Fish to its new tank

In the last Betta Answers lesson you discovered how to properly
transport your Betta Fish home from the pet store.

Today you will discover how to properly acclimate your Betta Fishfish tank - tetra led
to its new tank.

Now some of you may already have brought your Betta home from the
store and put it in the tank, so if you didn’t do things exactly
right so don’t worry. It’s generally not a life or death situation
if done incorrectly, but if done properly will greatly reduce the
stress your Betta goes through.

Just try to keep those tips in mind for any future Betta Fish that
you buy.

Acclimating your Betta Fish
Remember how your Betta Fish doesn’t like rapid changes in
environment? Well the water that is in the bag most likely is not
exactly like the tank that you prepared.

Here’s some tips on how to transition your Betta into his new tank:

  • Let the bag float in the tank for at least a few hours. What this
    does is make the temperature in the bag the same as the tank.
    This way there is no temperature shock to your Betta Fish when
    released into the tank.
  • If the fish is in a bag try cutting a small hole in the bag to let
    some tank water in. You want to slowly get the tank water to blend
    with the bag water. The worst thing you could do is simply dump
    the whole bag in the tank when you get home.
  • Use a clothespin or tape to keep the bag hanging in the tank and
    cut more holes every hour or so until the bag seems completely
    full with tank water

Quarantine TankĀ 
Another option to acclimate your Betta is to use what’s called a
Quarantine Tank, which is a temporary tank the Betta lives
in for a week or so before moving to its permanent tank.

It allows the Betta to “de-stress” from the ride home before
encountering its permanent home with gravel, plants, and filters.
Plus the Quarantine tank allows the Betta to slowly adjust to water
conditions at home.

  • You can use a clean vase or small tank and simply pour the Betta
    into it using the water from the bag. Slowly add water from
    (or similar to) the ‘big’ tank to this quarantine tank. This
    allows the fish to acclimate to the new water.
  • Once the quarantine tank is full mostly of ‘new’ tank water then
    your Betta should be ready for the transition to its permanent

In the next lesson, we’ll be talking about what type of fish can you
add to your Betta’s Tank. Remember to be careful — Bettas are also
known as Siamese Fighting Fish!