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Isaac asked 5 months ago

So my crowntail male was bought with a crooked \”spike\” on his fin. I thought at first this was just a genetic mistake, but a few months after (and present day) the other spikes started to warp as well. I suspect he has velvet because of a dusty gold sheen on his naturally pale body and common signs of sickness (any picture might make the gold difficult to tell), but I was wondering what warping tail fins mean… Can velvet cause this? Or is this some other form of rot/infection? Could it just be genetic? I got him last year so could it relate to age? If you need photo angles (not sure how to submit) or descriptions of behavior, please let me know. He is my second betta, and since my first died of ich I want to try again. I\’ve done hours and hours of research, but I don\’t understand what warped fins mean. They aren\’t falling apart or turning white, just slowly curling.

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Bob Staff answered 5 months ago

Hi Issac,
MY guess is and from reading all over the web myself although it may not look like fin rot it may be the beginnings of it even though the fins may not be frayed.
I would recommend some small daily water changes, hopefully you have him in something larger than a 1 gallon tank (preferably 3-5 gallons). This is a test to see if you see any improvement over the next week or so. 
If the fins don’t rebound or at least stabilize we can continue searching, definitely a strange issue!