Betta Fish QuestionsCategory: HealthBetta losing color?
Annie asked 8 months ago

So I got my male veiltail, Blaine, almost a week ago. This morning I noticed that the edges of his fins have started to fade almost to a clear color, like his beautiful red color is draining from them from the ends up. Nothing else is off. He’s swimming as he’s always done, he eats fine, his fins aren’t clamped. The only other weird thing is that a few days ago the water in his tank became a little foggy so I’ve been doing like 20% water changes every two or three days. I’m wondering if he’s just stressed and I need to just calm him down (tips for this would be nice), or if Blaine is actually sick somehow. I keep him in a 3.5 gallon filtered tank at around 74 degrees Farenheight with an artificial plant and two marimo moss balls. Thanks!

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Bob Staff answered 7 months ago

Sorry to hear about this situation, but hopefully we can help. 
The water changes are a good start but the temp is too low – I’d get a heater and get it up to about 78-82 and see if things improve.
Its amazing what a change in temp can do to a Betta, once my heater got unplugged and I didn’t realize it till I noticed my Betta was lethargic. 
The cold temps can definitely stress out your Betta, so get that temp up to 80 or so and let us know how he’s doing.