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Hannah Gross asked 7 months ago

Hi, I believe my Betta has velvet but I’m not sure. I didn’t clean his tank for about two weeks because I was very busy (I usually clean it every weekend) I noticed it had gotten pretty dirty so I cleaned it. After, I realized my normally very active Betta was sitting at the bottom of the tank every time I checked on him. Upon looking closer I realized part of his body had turned a sort of brownish-gold and he’s also been rubbing himself on the side of the tank. He’s still been eating normally but that’s the only time he leaves the bottom of the tank. Today, I put in API general cure because I read that was good but I’d like another opinion. Is there anything else I can do to save my Betta. He seems to be getting worse. šŸ™

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Bob Staff answered 6 months ago

Velvet is very common but treatable.

The first thing I usually tell people is if they are overdue for a water change get a partial water change done, and check the temp to make sure its at least 80-82.

The best treatment for Velvet is calledĀ Malachite Green
If you have other fish in your tank then move your Betta to a quarantine tank while treating.
Some people swear by adding aquarium salt, which you need to add carefully based on the size of your tank – and only add to the quarantine tank.
But I would start with theĀ Malachite Green – which you should call your local fish and pet stores to see if they carry it. Amazon does have it so order there if you can’t find it locally.