Need help ASAP!

Betta Fish QuestionsCategory: HealthNeed help ASAP!
S asked 1 week ago

I need a quick answer. I have review the most common diseases, but I don’t feel any fit my fish’s problem.  I really don’t see a physical with my fish other than he has stopped eating.  Initially he would take the food in but would then spit the pellet out.  I tried giving blood worms. That didn’t work either.  I’ve contacted a local vet and pet store and received no help. I am posting on FB asking friends for help.  I don’t know what more I can do.  I cleaned his tank yesterday. I added water conditioner.  I added a fungal tablet. I just don’t see anything wrong with him. I have a pic, but I don’t see where I can post a picture. I really need immediate help.