Betta Fish QuestionsCategory: HealthSick Betta, PLEASE HELP!!
Kathy asked 4 months ago

I have had my two betta fish for about 12 days. I have 2 females and they are in a 5.5 gal tank with a divider. This weekend I noticed that Athena’s side of the tank was a little more murky and had a clear film on top of the water. Jade’s side of the tank (her side has the filter) was fine so for some reason the divider wasn’t letting the water filter through like it is supposed to. So I removed the divider and cut slits in it so the water could filter through. They were in the tank together for about 10-15 min and followed each other around and flared their gills but did not attack or hurt each other. I placed the divided back in the tank and ever since, Athena has been acting weird. First she was sitting on the bottom of the tank, hiding in her pineapple decoration and would only come up for air, and then go back down to the bottom. Her fins are pressed against her body. Now she is staying on the top corners of the tank and looks terrible. She has been sitting on top of her plant so she doesn’t have to come up far for air, and isn’t eating much. She ate a little last night but didn’t eat anything this morning. Jade is doing great and is eating normal. I was going to change out the water today, but will that make Athena worse?? I don’t know what I should do. Before I had them in the tank together, Athena was fine and swimming around and was very happy. Yesterday something went wrong with the heater and the temperature went down to 70 degrees. I gradually moved it up one notch and now the water is back to 77 degrees. I am going to the petstore to get a new heater since my current one is about three years old, is there anything else I can do?? I had a tetra fish for three years, but Athena is doing so terrible. PLEASE HELP!!