What to feed your Betta that they will love!

bloodwormsHere’s some great tips on what and how often to feed your Betta
Fish to keep them happy and healthy:

  • For a daily diet try tropical fish flakes or pellets according to
    the directions on the package.
  • Some people don’t like to feed pellets as they can expand in the
    Betta’s stomach and cause discomfort, some prefer tropical fish
    flakes as they float longer and don’t expand.
  • This may shock you, but remember what I said your Betta was a
    carnivore? Well, for a treat your Betta would love some frozen or
    freeze-dried bloodworms, other small worms, brine shrimp, or
    mosquito larvae (ask your pet store if they carry these).
  • Just remember to thaw any frozen food before feedings. The only
    problem with live food is that your Betta may not be thrilled with
    the pellets or flakes anymore, and downright refuse to eat them…
  • Alternate between Betta food/flakes and the specialty treats
  • Younger Betta fish should be fed twice a day, adults once a day
  • Only feed the Betta enough that they can eat in 2 mins – no more.
    Put too much food in the tank and it will rot and pollute the
  • Over feeding can cause health problems, maybe even death in some
    Bettas. Especially if you feed them live food, they will eat unti all
    of it is gone.
  • Once a week don’t feed your Betta, this gives their digestive
    system time to clean out
  • If you need to take off for a weekend don’t sweat it, Bettas have
    been known to survive for several days, even weeks without food.
  • Most or all of this fish food you can find at your local pet store.

In the next lesson, we’ll be talking about how to tell if your Betta
is ill, and what you can do about it.