About Us

In early 2010 my son Sam had begged my wife and I for a pet. What he really wanted was a dog, but being only 5 years old he still gets a little too excited (and rowdy) around pets like dogs and cats.

Sam wishing he had a dog for a pet

“Daddy I want a DOG!!”

And he likes to pretend he’s a dog (notice the stick in his mouth imitating our neighbors dog). We didn’t want Sam to pretend he was a dog all day so we looked into other types of pets.

Eventually we decided on a fish – a simple pet that he could enjoy and teach him a bit of responsibility like feeding it a few times a day. So we bought him a red betta fish, which he appropriately named “Red Fish”.

My wife brought the fish home and put him in a small vase. I thought the fish looked more like he was in jail, the vase was too small. So I found a gallon-sized mason jar, cleaned it out, and the fish seem much happier.

About a week later the water really started to stink and get cloudy, and the fish didn’t seem very active. Fearing the worst was coming I quickly acted and did a ton of research on “proper” betta fish care. It seems the pamphlet from the pet store was a little “thin” on information for taking care of a betta fish.

The last thing I wanted in the world was something to happen to this fish, my son had become very attached to it – kids are extremely emotional about pets.

The good news is I found a bunch of great tips on betta fish care, and now “Red Fish” is doing great and is as happy as can be (and so is my son Sam). And we’ve added 2 guinea pigs to the “herd” as well….

This website contains many of the simple tips I found on proper betta fish care to help anyone bringing a betta fish home, or having some sort of issues with their fish. I’m definitely no expert on Betta Fish but there are many great resources out there that I can point you to, especially if your Betta is having some sort of health issues.

If you have any questions please browse our Betta Questions and Answers section to see what other fish owners have asked, and feel free to ask a question yourself. Or feel free to send questions via our Contact form.


-Bob Henderson