The Best Betta Fish Tanks By Price – 2018 Buyers Guide

Before we list the best betta fish tanks we need to tell you the 6 things a betta fish needs in a tank in order to stay health, thrive, and live a long happy life:

  • Size: a betta fish (as well as any fish) needs room to move. These aren’t fish that want to hide in a corner and never move – they need to move not only to stay strong but to stay mentally stimulated. We recommend minimum 2 1/2 gallon tank but preferably a 5 gallon tank.
  • Filtered – since betta fish both eat in the same water that they “waste” in the smaller the tank the faster the water goes bad, unhealthy, and becomes the breeding ground for disease. This is why we recommend a tank with a filter for a single betta fish. The filter will help keep the water clean and the larger the tank the slower the water will go bad.  Also its great if the filter has an adjustable flow or isn’t too strong as a Betta can struggle if the filter is too strong, which was the cause with many tanks we evaluated.
  • Heated – Betta fish are tropical fish and need water at least 78 degrees to thrive, so depending on how warm your home is you’ll most likely need some sort of heater. Most heaters require a minimum of 2 gallons to work properly (think size above). Tanks don’t come with heaters usually, but you want to have a tank large enough to support a heater.
  • Height – if you plan to add live plants to your tank they will need room to grow – up. Live plants if properly maintained can help maintain the water quality.
  • Lights – a tank light is important for helping plants grow and being able to see inside your tank clearly, just be sure to not leave it on all day and night as fish need periods of darkness as they would experience in nature.
  • Covered – some fish including bettas have been known to jump out of their tanks, generally when there’s nobody around to help them. In fact this happened to my son’s first betta while we were camping and the neighbor was taking care of it. Find a tank that is mostly or fully covered to avoid this situation.

For more info read our article What is the best size tank for a betta fish?

The Best Tanks

These are some of the best tanks we could find for your Betta. We’ve checked Amazon, Chewy, Petco, Petsmart and other online retailers, forums, and more to find the best Betta Tank. There’s so many on the market its impossible to test them all, but this a list of really good aquariums that you will not be disappointed with.

We broke the tanks down by avg list price so you can find a tank that fits your budget. Please be sure to check each store for exact pricing .Unless otherwise stated no tanks come with any sort of decorations or gravel.

Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit

This tank we feel is the best tank for your Betta. Its a sleek looking tank that will sure to dazzle your guests and keep your betta happy as well. Plenty of room in this 5 gallon tank for plants and decorations as well as a heater. We could find little if any complaints from the hundreds of reviews on this tank – making it a clear winner.


  • 5 Gallon: plenty of room for your betta and supports a 25 watt heater
  • 3 Stage hidden filtration system with adjustable speed
  • Portrait (tall) style tank so plenty of room for plants to grow
  • Led light
  • Amazon Reviews: 4 1/2 Star Average (515 Reviews) – #3 best selling tank on


  • Price: this sleek tank is a bit more expensive than others, but in our opinion worth the money. Prices vary, retails around $60 to $70.

Marineland ML90609 Video

Available from: Amazon, Petco,

Manufacturer Website:

VIDEO: Betta Fish in a Marineland Portrait Aquarium Kit

Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit (~$50)

Another quality tank, this one has a great adjustable filter.  Its plenty big at 5 gallons to allow your betta to move, with plenty of room for decorations to keep him interested. Its also the perfect size for supporting a heater to keep the temperature optimal.


  • 5 Gallons: plenty of room for your betta and supports a 25 watt heater
  • Filter with adjustable speed
  • Led lights
  • Amazon Reviews: 4 Star Average (222 Reviews)


  • Lid considered a bit flimsy by some

Sold by:,

Top Fin® 3.5 Gallon Enchant Aquarium (~ $30)

I bought this tank for my son for his African Dwarf Frog and neon tetras, which I wanted to keep separate from our Betta fish. This tank is plenty big for a betta, supports a heater, and has a filter. My kids enjoy the multiple settings of the LED lights, there are various modes where you can change colors or it will cycle through them. I did find the filter a bit strong, but the frogs seemed fine and found their food without waste.


  • 3.5 Gallons: plenty of room for your betta and supports a heater
  • Filter
  • Led lights
  • feeding door


  • some people are annoyed by the light, my kids love it

Sold by: Petsmart

Have any tanks you’d like to add to the list? Please comment below!


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