Betta Fish Facts – 10 Facts you probably never knew

Betta Fish are beautiful and generally easy to care for if done properly. They are also one of the most popular fish that most people own at one time,

But there are a bunch of things about Betta Fish you probably never heard of.

Here’s are 10 Betta Fish Facts you probably never knew:

  1. There are actually 65 species of fish classified as “Betta”.
  2. The most common type of Betta sold in the United States is Betta Splendens, which are also called Siamese Fighting Fish or Japanese Fighting Fish.  If you go to your local pet store what is labeled Betta Fish are most likely Betta Splendens.
  3. Betta originated in Thailand (formerly know as “Siam”), Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and parts of China
  4. Why are they called “fighting fish”? Male Betta’s are very territorial and if put in a close enough environment attack another Betta or similar sized fish. Generally they are best kept in a  tank by themselves.
  5. In the 1800’s in China the Betta Fish were actually bred to fight.
  6. Betta’s can breath air! They have a unique organ called a labyrinth that allows to breath air like you and me. This was critical to their survival as they generally lived in low-oxygen water like rice paddies and slow moving streams – conditions most other fish could not survive in
  7. Betta’s are a fresh-water tropical fish, and fresh water tanks are easy to maintain, which is why I chose this as the first fish for my son
  8. Keep the water temperature between 78-82 degrees. Remember they are a tropical fish so they like it warm. Going lower than 78 your stress out your Betta and not be ideal.
  9. The average lifespan of a Betta fish is 2-3 years. Betta’s have been known to live 4-5 years in tanks that maintain ideal conditions, and live much shorter spans in a poorly kept tank (sometimes only months)
  10. Betta Fish are carnivores and prefer to eat things like frozen brine shrimp , freeze dried blood worms, but will also eat fish flakes and pellets