Can your Betta Fish have a tank mate?

Hopefully your Betta Fish is well adjusted to its new environment in the tank.

Perhaps your Betta is looking a bit lonely and you were thinking it may need some company?dreamstimeextrasmall_42484839

Today we’ll learn a few things you need to know about your Betta before adding any ‘friends’ to the tank.

Betta Fish are also known as Siamese Fighting Fish. They are carnivores and prefer to each mostly animal matter, so be careful or adding a new ‘friend’ may be your Betta’s next meal….

Male Bettas are territorial and aggressive towards each other. Generally the best rule of thumb when it comes to male bettas is they are best left alone in a smaller tank. Sometimes males can live peacefully in a larger tank (much larger), or with a smaller peaceful fish if using a smaller tank.

Our Betta “Red Fish Millie” as my son Sam calls him, is a male. So I’m going the safe route and leaving him alone in the tank as he’s in a 3 gallon tank so there’s not much room for a mate.

Females are generally not aggressive and can live peacefully together. Yet you may have noticed in the pet store even the females were separated.

Compatible Tank Mates

You want too look for fish that aren’t flashy to look at, and generally swim in a different part of the tank. If you have a small tank I wouldn’t recommend this – shoot for having a 10 gallon or more tank.

Ideal Tank Mates:

Adding the Tank Mate

If you’d like to add another fish to the tank, whether its two females, or add a betta to a community tank then follow these steps:

  1. Leave the fish in the bag and place it in the tank (don’t cut any
    holes yet)
  2. Watch the reaction of the other fish. If the Betta flares up and
    continues to flare after 15 minutes its best to not integrate
    these fish. Flaring is when they stick out all of their fins
    to look larger.
  3. If the Betta does not flare then its probably safe to keep the
    fish together, but watch them closely for the first few days
    and if they nip or attack each other immediately separate them.