How to correctly bring your Betta Fish home from the pet store

Today I’m going to talk about the very critical step: Taking your Betta
home from the pet store.

You see, the ride home for a Betta fish can be a very stressful
event. Any sort of rapid change in environment for a fish is
stressful and bad for their health. If you expose your Betta fish to IMG_4575
too many changes in a short period of time it may cause it to get
sick or worse.

So here are some important tips for bringing
home your Betta:

  • make sure the bag (or container) from the pet store is as full as
    possible. The more water in the bag the less room for the water
    to move around and startle your Betta.
  • if using bags then make sure to double-bag your fish – it lessens
    the chance of a leak or break.
  • place the bag in a box of some sort, its far easier to hold onto a
    box than a bag full of water. The last thing you want to do is
    drop your fish by accident!
  • avoid and bumpy or jarring roads on the way home if possible.
  • go straight home from the pet store! Do not run any errands or
    decide to show your fish to friends on the way home from the

The goal for the ride home is to make it as stress free as possible
for your Betta Fish.

In the next lesson, we’ll be talking about how to acclimate Betta
Fish to the tank without stressing it out and harming it’s health.