Betta Tank Mates – Your Betta Can Live With Other Fish

Betta Tank Mates are NOT out of the question! Yes, when you bought your Betta Fish at the pet store it may have seemed strange to see them alone in their own separate containers, while entire tanks of other fish swam in peaceful harmony.

dreamstimeextrasmall_42484839This may seem strange but Betta’s prefer to be alone. They like to be king of the tank and don’t want to be bothered. So generally it is the owner of a Betta Fish that will get more satisfaction out of adding more fish to the tank, not the Betta Fish.

You may have been told Betta Fish must live alone, this simply isn’t true. You just need to find other tank mates with the right temperament. Remember, Betta’s are also known as Siamese Fighting Fish – they are territorial, will fight, and can be aggressive towards other fish. So its best to let them be “king of the tank”, and simply find other fish that won’t rock the boat.

These are general rules about fish *NOT* to put in a tank with a Betta

  • 2 Male Betta’s – they both want to be “king”   and should never live together.
  • Male and Female Bettas – they should only be put together during breeding
  • Any sort of cold-water fish. Betta Fish are a tropical fish and like water around 78-82 degrees. Many cold water fish can’t handle the tropical temperatures of a betta fish tank
  • Long Tails or Fins – any sort of fish with long tails fins will be seen as one of their own kind and get attacked
  • Hyper or Aggressive Fish – any ‘A’ type personality fish swimming around the tank in the same manner as a Betta will make for a bad tank mate
  • Small Tank – generally if your tank is 2-3 gallons you should probably not add anything unless its an extremely mellow fish. Generally you want at least a 5-10 gallon tank before adding any other fish. If your Betta is in a smaller tank and lives with other fish without attacking them it still may be stressed out from lack of room in the tank, so I suggest not trying unless you have a larger tank.

These are general rules about fish you *CAN* to put in a tank with a Betta

  • Large Tank