How to tell if your Betta is sick and what you can do about it

We all want to see our Bettas happy, colorful and thriving, and it can be downright depressing to see our fish sick.

First, here are some signs that your Betta is happy, healthy and doing well:

  • eating at all feedings
  • showing all fins. Bettas like to spread these out while swimming.
  • clear eyes
  • skin looks healthy and smooth

Signs that your Betta might be ill:

  • not eating
  • scraping on the rocks
  • lying on the bottom of the tank
  • not spreading fins while swimming
  • not growing as expected
  • swimming sideways
  • white or discolored feces
  • white buds or dots appearing on the skin
  • faded skin color

What you can do:

  • Bring a water sample to the local pet store. If you are lucky to have a local fish store or even big pet store like PetSmart near you they will test your water sample for free and give you results in minutes
  • make sure your water temperature is near 80 degrees, that is ideal for Betta Fish
  • remove any algae from the sides of the tank
  • chlorine is in tap water and fatal to Betta fish, you may need a declorinator or water treatment to deal with this. The best option is to test your water at the pet store

If you’ve tried these and your Betta is still having issues then I highly recommend you instantly download an ebook called “Betta Fish Secrets“. The complete chart of illnesses and cures in chapter 6 is amazing, containing quick resolutions
for things like “popeye” (when a Betta’s eye starts to bulge), as well as so many other cures.

In the next lesson, we’ll be talking about how to change water in
your Betta Fish tank the right way without stressing out or harming