Why its critical to add substrate to your Betta Fish tank

In the last lesson I talked about the ideal tank size and water conditions for Betta Fish.

Todays Lesson: Why its critical to add substrate to your Betta Fish tank.

Your first question may be “what is substrate?”

betta fish substrate

Substrate is the rocks and pebbles at the bottom of the tank

Substrate is basically fish tank gravel. Most people think it gets added to the tank simply for a visual effect, sort of making it look like the bottom of the ocean.

But substrate plays a vital role in your Betta Fish’s tank.

Besides adding visual beauty to your tank, there is beneficial bacteria that grow on substrate and help it break down the waste in your tank.

Without this bacteria your tank will become dirty and unhealthy much faster than if you add substrate to your tank. It may be strange to think some bacteria in your tank is a good thing, but it is.

Any local pet store sells substrate/tank gravel so simply pick some up. Before you put it in your tank simply rinse it with tap water in a strainer (don’t use any soap – even a little soap in your tank can be harmful if not lethal for fish.

When you add it to the tank make sure you cover the bottom of the tank, and there’s no need to add more than 3 inches worth.

I hope you enjoyed this tip, its a simple and effective way to keep your water healthier for your Betta Fish.

In the next lesson, we’ll be talking about how to correctly your Betta home from the pet store – do it wrong and you will seriously stress out your Betta fish!